My Sandal Review

I think that sandals must be lightweight, comfortable and “convertible”, which is a nice feature that I am very satisfied with. Last month I bought a pair of sandals online. At first I did not know what to make of these Christian Louboutin sandals. It is very nice and comfortable, and the weight is really out of my imagination, which is a nice feature that I have never seen in a sandal before.

It is probably the most attractive feature of the sandals, because this Christian Louboutin sandal adds to the comfort and makes you feel like you are walking on air. By far the most comfortable things I have ever worn and I am a picky shoe person. I have only owned 1 pair of sandals for the past 6 years and have hated every other sandal I have tried on, so these Christian Louboutin sandals are definitely special.

We can push forward the strap and turn the “sandal” into a “shoe”. You do not have to worry about your “shoe” because it is a tighter more snug fit. It is easily to slip on and off, although it has a tendency to cling to the bottom of your feet.
I have only one problem with this sandal. It is that the holes allow all sorts of debris into the sandal while I am waling, such as wood chips at playground, dirt and sand. This means that my feet get dirty rather quickly and can be uncomfortable at places where there is a lot of debris.

To summarise, I am very satisfied with this discount Christian louboutin sandal.